Thursday, August 7, 2014

Here is the layout #14 using the May Scraptastic Kits... now that I've done the 5 layouts for the July Member spotlight I will finish uploading the rest of the pages for the May Scraptastic Kits... This photo is of my daughter and her stunt group... she had the same group for about 4 years and I just want to document the trust that these athletes have to have in each other. They literally have her life in their hands... that girl has enough x-rays at the hospital to rebuild her body with them... we've had a few scares over the years... she was just diagnosed with Scoliosis which can be caused by extreme trauma which I don't have a doubt in my mind--- Cheerleading was the cause but it is a sport that she loved for years and we tried to support her in it... but has a mom I'm so glad she retired at the rip old age of 21 LOL. Hopefully she won't have to live with back aches all her life :(

Here are a few photos of the layout:

Here is the link to the Process Video on YouTube:

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